Worship Service

Sunday School September-June

Maybe you have lived in the community all of your life and wonder what the church on the hill is all about or maybe like so many you are new to the area. Maybe you have walked with Jesus for years or maybe you just want to find out who Jesus is and what Christians are all about. Maybe you are worried that if you come to church the roof will fall (it won't we had it fixed a few years ago) or maybe you have been the pillar of another church and the Army or other circumstances have brought you to the area and you are looking for Christian Fellowship. Whatever the case, we encourage you to check us out. We would love to meet you and …

Our worship service is traditional with a mix of contemporary music as well as older hymns. Some contemporary music mixed with older hymns. We are quite informal with a time to pray for joys and concerns of the congregation and greater community. Dress is casual - come as you are. We enjoy families worshiping together and include the children in a children's message every Sunday. Once a month, one of our youth leads a children's church during the sermon. The rest of the time, the children sit with their family or friends. We were all children once so we are not concerned that children can get fidgety.

A Pastor's Perspective on what you will find at Theresa Presbyterian

The best thing about being Reformed and Presbyterian is the solid Biblical root of our faith. Remaining true to that faith, I believe the people at Theresa Presbyterian are more than their denomination. In my view we are a caring, committed, Christian fellowship made up of people from many church backgrounds who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, attempt to grow in our understanding of His love, and attempt to serve him in our families, congregation, community, nation and world.

There is joy in our worship. We laugh and have fun as we take God's Word seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our joy and strength come not from our perfection, but from our strong feeling of God's saving, renewing presence in our lives. Do we have sadness? Yes, but we help each other bear it. Do we always agree? No, but we support each other and serve our Lord together…for one thing binds us, His loving, redeeming sacrifice.